House Nording are the ruling imperial house of Norband, and leaders of the Northmen.

Founding and Establishment Edit

For thousands of years, the Northmen were a tribal, warring people, and the snows of Norband were always stained red. But one day, one of The Seven Founding Kings rode out of the North on a Snowbear, with 5 princes behind him. The king's name was Maramangar and he was called Snowfist. His Snowbear was as terrible as a winter storm, and was called Ice. Maramangar I Snowfist proceeded to conquer the whole of Norband, but none of the warring tribes put up a fight - for there had long been tale of a prophecy, that a king would come and unite Norband, and his line would extend until the bounds of time broke apart. The 5 princes were named Vir, Mar, Der, Tur and Gar. They, along with Maramangar started the House Nording.

So, within a few years of appearing, Maramangar I Snowfist had united Norband, and everyone saw him as emperor. His line has indeed lasted millenia (2185 years), as Maramangar the 16th is now emperor. Interestingly, all emperors die at the age 137 - a number which has become almost holy to the Northmen. A popular saying is that the line of Nording will extend for 137 emperors, at which point the world will end.

A point to make, Maramangar I was a grown man when he arrived, but he died 137 years after arriving. He was never born.

Structure of The House Edit

The Northmen look upon their emperors almost as gods, and this probably has some truth to it. Maramangar I was one of The Seven Founding Kings, sent by The Powers of The Earth to establish order in the chaos. All emperors unfailingly have two sons. The eldest son always becomes emperor - meaning Maramangar XVI is effectively a direct descendant from one who came out of the sky.

If the Emperor's brother should survive, he inherits the title 'Lord of Ice and Snow', and is the second most powerful person in Norband. If the mother of the current emperor is still alive, she is 'Lady of Norband'. The Emperor is given free will to chose whichever wife he wishes, though he must do so before he is 40 years old. Emperors must have their two sons before they are 60 years old. The Emperor's wife is called 'Queen of Norband'.

The Descendants of Vir, Mar, Der, Tur and Gar are all accepted as members of the house, and hold counsel with the king. The descendants are sirnamed 'Virkin', 'Markin', 'Darkin', 'Turkin', and 'Garkin'. They hold land throughout Norband.