The Kingdom of Midarim
Background information
Type Kingdom
Location Eastern Paranios
In Regions The Eastmarch; Southplain; The Bargon Wood; The Farwood; The Shining Plains.
Capital Miron
Founded/Built By Jararilos I, in OT 1.
Ruler House Miron, King Edwin II
Other Information
Summary The most powerful kingdom on the continent. It has great cities, powered by the hammer and the axe. It is in a strong alliance with its brother kingdom, Islabard.
Other names
Inhabitants Iron Men
Spoken languages Iraeon
Population 1,000,000+

The Kingdom of Midarim is the most powerful kingdom on the continent, ruled over by House Miron. The kingdom has a few lands inside it too. These are: The Kingdom of Brodhan, The Farwood, and The Bargon Lands. Brodhan has the most autonomy, with its own monarch and laws. It simply pays homage to the King in Miron, in return for other deeds. The Farwood is controlled by a Lord Duke, and has less autonomy. Then - lastly - the Bargon Lands are controlled by the Bargon tribes, who are in a constant war for independence. You can find out more about these 3 realms on their relevant pages.

Click HERE to view an interactive map of Midarim.

Rule Edit

The ruler of Midarim is called 'The King of Midarim' and 'The Iron King of the East', who is Edwin II at the moment. When House Miron unites with House Rivisar, the ruler of both Midarim and Islabard are simply called 'The Iron King', as they rule over all kingdoms of the Iron Men.

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