Ordinary Time is a date system used throughout most of Paranios, by the majority of people. It is measured from the coming of The Seven Founding Kings to the continent. This means the current year is 781.

Years, Months, Weeks and Days Edit

A normal Paraniosian year is 420 days long - meaning there are 12, 35 day months. However, to keep in line with the sun, an extra day is added at the end of the 12th month every 3 years (The year is actually 420.3 days long). In each normal month, there are 5, 7 day weeks. Each day is 24 hours long. The months have universal names - from the language Iraeon - however each language also has its own names. Here are the names of the months in the common tongue. Marth means month!

Month No. Month Name Meaning
1 Maermarth Mearn - King
2 Frumarth Frumar - Beginning
3 Blaidfanmarth Blaid - Leaf; Fan - Fall
4 Kaltmarth Kalt - Cold
5 Tharmarth Tharm - Dark
6 Narmarth Narth - Snow
7 Germarth Gerth - Melt
8 Sumarmarth Sumar - Fog
9 Aldormarth Aldor - Life
10 Ardimarth Ardin - Sun
11 Barmarth Barm - Tree
12 Erntar Harvest

Timeline of Major Events Edit

Year 1: The Seven appear.

Year 781: Today